Desperate Husbands

an excerpt

Part One - "Richard & Marc"

Written by Adam Carpenter

In this picturesque coastal village they call Wonderland, Alice doesn't live here anymore. Well, she certainly doesn't reside on Eldon Court, a quiet stretch of road that dead ends up against a rocky cliff and a lush view of the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. On this exclusive street five beautifully restored Victorian houses loom over the water, and inside three of these classic homes lived couples joined by a common lifestyle and the desire for privacy. Surprisingly they were all men; they were lovers and partners, property owners and contributing members of a vibrant seafront community. They were the residents of a street named Eldon Court in a village called Wonderland.

Currently two houses remained silent and unsold, and if there is any wonder as to why no one had snapped up these properties, well, let's just Wonderland is bucolic, lovely, but also not without its secrets.

But new people came to Wonderland all the time, with such desirable houses on the market, there is little doubt they would soon be sold.

Yes, new neighbors were coming to Eldon Court.

And Wonderland would never again be the same.


Sitting at the bar of the lovely Bayside Hotel, found on the outskirts of Wonderland, Marc Anderson gazed lovingly at the man seated next to him, their eyes locking through the martini glasses they held up to their faces. They drank intently, never once losing focus on what mattered most: the burning desire between them. Beside them a small candle flickered in an otherwise dim room. They weren't alone but might as well have been. None of the other guests were paying them any mind. It was almost as if they were alone in this room, in this hotel and this bar. This very moment.

Finally Marc set down his drink, the stinging effects of the vodka having traveled from tongue to gullet, realized the glass was near empty. What next? Another round, or something a bit more intimate? He wondered what it would be like with him? The man at his side was the larger of them, dressed in a stylish dark blue suit and tie, even at this late hour. He even still had the top button secured, as though afraid to let his hair down in such a public environment. But then he reached over with his hand, caressing Marc's face. He knew he was cute, he'd been told that ever since his grandmother had pinched his cheeks as a child. His smile widened, and somehow words didn't seem necessary for what was to come next. Still, Marc leaned in and said, "I want you so bad, I can taste it."

Before the other man could reply, the bartender approached them and, eyeing empty glasses, said, "So, you two need another round here?" He had thinning gray hair, complete with a ponytail, and his smoker's voice led value to the notion of a man who'd lived a decent life on the Hippie side of things. No distractions there, sorry pal.

The suited gentleman ran a hand through is dark hair, turned to the older barkeep. "No thank you. I believe it's time we moved on. I've got a big appointment in the morning, need my rest." Then he paused and looked back at Marc. "Unless you want another?"

Marc shook his head. "I'm good. I know what I want."

"I like the sound of that."

"Get a room guys, get a room," the bartender stated jokingly.

"The name's Rich. Richard in my business, but my friends have always called my Rich."

"So what should I call you?"

Rich answered the question by dangling a card key. "Oh, I think by night's end you'll have your own name for me."

They finished off the remnants of their Grey Goose martinis ("very dirty..." had been the request by the now-named Rich), slipped a few extra bucks on the bar just because, and at last they were ready for whatever the night held. Each other, no doubt. Rich eagerly took hold of Marc's hand as they exited the bar and entered the brightly lit lobby; Marc made an effort to reclaim his hand.

"Relax, no one cares."

Marc took in his elegant surroundings, at the smartly uniformed workers behind the high oak desks and at the moneyed guests passing through the lobby, and realized how right Rich was. No one looked at them askance; like it was the most natural thing in the world for two men to be holding hands in public. Just what kind of place as this Wonderland? Living up to its name? Back east where Marc hailed from you still got funny looks, or even smirks or worse, nasty remarks. Marc exhaled as he came to the conclusion that he maybe he liked this place.

Marc kept pace with his new friend, watching as the man inserted the card key into a slot right beside an elevator.

"Penthouse suite--this elevator goes directly into the room."

"Nice touch," Marc offered.

The two of them got inside the elevator, the button for the penthouse suite already lit. Suddenly the doors closed and at last they were alone. Rich pinned him against the wall, instantly and violently pressing his lips to his. The kiss was hungry, born of a desire that had grown while they'd enjoyed their late-night cocktails. And speaking of, Rich's growing cock was pressed tight up against him, obviously turned on. Marc groaned at both the feel of Rich's kiss and the sudden promise of what was to come. His hand encircled Rich's body, gripping his back and wanting nothing more than to tear his clothes off.

The elevator was fast and before anything further could be consummated, a ding sounded and the doors opened directly into twentieth and top floor. They broke from their kiss at the sound of the doors opening; express elevators certainly had their advantages but also drawbacks. Still, it's not like anyone else would be requesting its services. Rich depressed the "stop" button and the doors remained open, the elevator all theirs.

Rich slid down Marc's lithe body, stopping at his crotch. A tightening in his jeans was hardly surprising, since the moment they'd met their attraction had been fierce. Marc knew what was to come next, and Rich did not disappoint. With a simple stroke, he unzipped Marc's jeans and let them fall to his ankles. The boxers, though, remained on. With his mouth wide and hungry, he slid his tongue inside the opening in the shorts, immediately tasting the musky scent. He licked a few stray hairs as he bobbed down for Marc's erection. Slipping the tip inside his mouth, Rich ran his tongue along the eye-let, keep at it until he could taste a bit of pre-cum. When satisfied, he allowed Marc's shaft to slip out of the hole in the shorts, and that's when Rich went at him with enthusiasm. He sucked and he ate, licked, devouring the entire shaft until it backed up against his throat.

Marc was lost in an ecstasy he could have only dreamed about two hours ago. As much as he enjoyed the main event, there was nothing like a fabulous blow job, and quite honestly this guy was great at it. With his rough dark beard rubbing against the shaft, sensations rippled from Marc's spine to his toes. Pressure mounted and he became weak-kneed; he began to pant with a desire to release himself but also save himself for the night still to come. Rich clearly wasn't letting up, and Marc knew there would be no stopping himself.


Rich drank him in once more, urged on by the passionate sounds emanating from above. His action was strong, fast, determined. Just then he cupped Marc's tight balls in his hand, gave them a gentle squeeze. God, how had he known to do that? Seconds went by and then Marc's cock jerked, jerked again, again. Rich pulled away, watching as the hardened cock spilled its juice; he loved to watch a cock in action, how the size of the head expands until it can't hold back any further. He loved to watch the semen gather in a pool, whether on the floor or on his chest or any where it splashed. Finally, he looked up at Marc's expression, his panting chest, the expanding smile on his face, the look of devotion that settled over him.

"You better not be done," Marc said, his heart returning to a steady beat.

Rich answered with action, leading him to the King size bed. They kissed passionately as Rich grabbed at Marc's body-hugging clothing. His t-shirt tossed aside, Rich's mouth found heated nipples wanting...needing to be sucked. As he did so, he ran his hands down the smooth, muscular chest, the slim belly. He threw Marc onto his back and removed the boxer shorts, a knowing smile crossing his face. Marc could tell the man liked what he saw, a body glowing from the moonlight shining through the open windows. Shadows only heightened the experience, both revealing and covering what was soon to be his.

"Fuck me now," Marc urged. "Get that damn suit off and fuck me."

He could tell Rich needed no more incentive, nor further words.

Rising off the bed, Rich went over to the desk, where he draped his suit jacket over the chair. Marc held his gaze as he pulled at his tie, unraveling it with snake-like movements. The tie slithered out of his hands and onto the desk's surface. Then came the top button of his shirt, followed by the second. With teasing motions that had Marc practically salivating, Rich undid the rest of the buttons and pulled the shirt open. There lay exposed a thickly furred chest, whirls of black hair covering him from neck to belly.

Christ, Marc thought. He had a big thing for hairy chests and this guy had one of the best he'd ever seen.

But there was more to the show. The pants came off next, and at last Rich slid his shorts off, his socks, too. The impromptu striptease was complete, and from the look of it none too soon. A huge cock, thick like a can and jutting out from a nest of curly hair, practically had him coming right there and then. Marc knew he'd met just the right guy to satisfy his every whim, desire, and fantasy.

Rich climbed onto the bed, his hairy body hovering over his prey. Both men stared at the other, words lost amidst the palpable tension in the room. Good tension, exciting tension. Tension demanding a release. Rich leaned over to the bedside table, and from a drawer he withdrew a fresh condom and a small bottle of lubricant. With a quick easy motion he spread the lube over Marc's tight ass, then expertly unleashed the condom over his ready member.

At last, he lifted Marc's legs into the air, positioning himself for a swift, energetic entry. The tip of his cock made initial contact, and with a slight push he deeply entered his waiting ass. He pressed further, further still, until his entire piece of meat had been swallowed up. Rich gazed down at Marc, who was willing him even deeper, urging him further by wrapping his legs around Rich's hairy ass.

"Fuck me now, fuck me you beast," Marc said, running his hands over Rich's chest, relishing the sexy, downy feel of the thick fur. It was surprisingly soft for such a thicket. "God I haven't wanted anyone more than I do you. Right now. Take me, take me...uh, uh...oooh."

Marc felt the first touch of penetration, felt his ass expand to welcome the entire length of cock. A sensation of fullness ripped through him. Rich was fully inside him, deeper it seemed than any man before him. Just then Rich began to thrust, thrust again and again; he thrust harder, faster, the slick motion eliciting excited groans from the man beneath him. His eager ass took every inch of the thick cock while hands grabbed at his back, digging into muscular flesh.

Marc could hear their grunts fill the room, virtually taking over from any lingering sound; not even the crashing of waves against the shore could be drowned out by the power of their sex. Rich continued to fuck him, fast and furious. He lifted his body while not losing his edge, continued to pound at the willing ass. Marc reached up, again running his hands through the thick chest hair, grabbing at it.

"Yes, give it to me. Harder, faster. Go man, fuck me...."

As Rich screamed out, a sudden explosion ripped through his body and he bucked once, twice, a third and fourth time. Marc felt every move, every thrust, felt the tip of the cock grow inside him, bringing him to his own new height of sexuality. This man, this sexy hairy fucking beast, he'd been just what Marc needed. With his own cock brushing up against that furry belly, it was just moments later when he too came, a second time for him in just a short while.

Marc felt the weight of the man as he collapsed on top of him, the strained breathing, the racing heart. He struggled for his own lungful. Both of them waited until their bodies had reached a normal level again, and finally Marc looked up and saw Rich staring right at him. Rich leaned down and planted a surprisingly tender, deep kiss on his lips, almost like this wasn't their first time.

In fact, it wasn't.

"Was it like you remember?" Rich asked.


"Tell me," Rich said, settling onto his back, staring up at the ceiling.

Marc's body slid in next to him, his fingers playfully toying with chest hair. "That night we met, sure I was attracted to you and wanted to go to bed with you. And yes, tonight was a near copy of our first time, complete with the two martinis and a blow job in the elevator. You wearing a fancy suit, me casual as ever. But even though we had the details right, you still can't recreate that initial passion, not after six years of being together and knowing certain things, expecting certain...feelings. Our first night was all about sex; tonight we did just as did then but with more feeling. Our cocks weren't the only things in sync, our hearts were."

Rich leaned in, kissed him. "You're good with words, you know that?"

Funny, words chose just this moment to escape from Marc's lips, as though caught by the swaying wind outside and carrying them away. Moonlight fell behind a cloud and Marc suddenly found himself shivering. Not even the heat emanating from Rich's body could help.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"Just know, about this move."

"It's the right move, Marc."

"Wonderland, makes me feel like I'm about to head to tea party. Is this really where we're meant to end up? I mean, a tiny town on the Pacific Coast, is it really better than anything that Manhattan had to offer us?"

"New York is over. That part of our life is over," Rich said, his voice sounding hollow in the darkness.

"Maybe it's the night, maybe it's the unfamiliar surroundings. For me, the idea of Wonderland is completely new. You, though, you grew up here, Rich. You know what to expect. Tell me, can you honestly say we'll be happier here than we were in New York?"

"Marc, do me favor--for a few days? Let's not have any mention of New York. Why not just enjoy this change of scenery. Come on, admit it, you like what you've seen of the town so far. And last I heard, you weren't exactly complaining about the sex we just had. If those walls could talk, jeez. Tonight, this morning? See, things are already looking up."

Marc had to admit one thing, the sex had certainly been better here. But then again, it had been practically non-existent for the last year so right now he'd take anything. But Rich's love-making had been feverish since they'd arrived, almost as though they were newfound lovers, just as they'd re-enacted tonight.

But that was life with this renewed, recharged man. It had all changed the moment Rich came home from work one day and announced he'd lost his job and that they were moving away. Since then he'd been a new man, taking charge of everything. And not Marc was complaining, especially about their fierce coupling, the truth was he had no real idea why for the sudden change in their life.

Why exactly had they come to Wonderland? Were they running from something, or too something? Someone?

"Come on, let's get some sleep," Rich said, suddenly sounding all formal and business-like. "We have a busy day tomorrow."