The LGBTQ Meditation Journal

an excerpt

Long ago, a coworker and friend told me, "Accept and love yourself--live peacefully, proudly and with dignity--because no matter where you run to, you will meet yourself there."

It was sage advice back then, and still reflects wisdom today. I hope my work on this book -- my fourth Meditation Journal volume with Mary Sheldon-- inspires self-acceptance and healthy self-love in its readers, helping them to live peacefully, with dignity and pride.

I have literally benefited from meditation my entire adult life. For twelve years, I studied with a master teacher, and after her passing, I taught meditation classes in Beverly Hills and, later, in Manhattan Beach, California. To this very day, I meditate daily.

Whether or not you believe in a Creator, please approach the guided exercises in this book from a spiritual (metaphysical) perspective. For the purpose of this book I define spiritual as anything not physically real -- everything not perceived by the five physical senses. Between these covers, I will use the words spiritual and metaphysical interchangeably.

Scientific evidence exists for this spiritual perspective. Quantum Physics, the most advanced of the Earth Sciences, long ago concluded that Mind (Spirit) predates matter.

Everyone is familiar with things spiritual (metaphysical). A dream is a metaphysical (spiritual) event -- a production of the material human brain; the same can be said of a memory, or even a feeling of happiness or dread.

Please do not mistake things religious with the spiritual. Most commonly, religious and spiritual are two very different things. Religion is manmade; therefore, it can be erroneous, and it is always temporal. Spirit is the real and eternal, incapable of error. Things religious need not enter into your meditations, but they are welcome if they assist you in successfully focusing your attention on meditating.

This book can be a valuable design for living a life of self-acceptance and understanding, health, happiness, peace, pride, love, and dignity -- in short, all of the conditions and qualities to which most people aspire.

Anyone can benefit from these guided meditations, but these have been specifically created for LGBTQ people, their families and friends, co-workers, teachers, and other associates.

In order to use this book effectively, the reader must achieve the state of focused attention known as meditation. But she or he should also possess a desire for a life of health, happiness, love, self-acceptance, peace, pride, and dignity.

If such conditions exist, or are developing, then I am confident you will benefit greatly.