Three Wishes

an excerpt

Chapter One

If there was ever a person who embodied the meaning and enthusiasm behind carpe diem, it wasn't Danny Edwards.

Danny had never been a confident person or a risk-taker. He was an average Joe with none of the luck, talent or charm that found others succeeding in life. His friends had partners, children, rewarding jobs and suburban homes. Danny had a cramped apartment, a job he hated and no one in his life since his last relationship ended almost four years ago. There was no amount of 'carpe diem' that would change his fortunes and Danny had resigned himself to his fate.

Today had been another bad day and Danny felt tired and frustrated. He was heading home from work in an overcrowded, jostling bus that always ran twenty minutes late. It jerked to a stop two blocks from his apartment and Danny exited it with relief. He took a deep breath of unfiltered, fresh air before starting a slow trudge home. He glanced in shop windows as he walked when an antique store caught his attention. The windows were full to bursting, displaying oddities and old relics now considered 'vintage' by the younger generations. Danny walked this path every day, yet he couldn't remember ever seeing this shop. It was strange, but with nowhere else to be and nothing to lose, Danny pushed open the door and stepped inside.

Items cluttered the store; Danny didn't know where to look first. There were objects on every available surface, stacked on top of each other and balancing precariously. The storekeeper was reading a book and glanced at Danny before going back to his novel. Danny felt the familiar irritation of being overlooked and it tempted him to turn around and leave, but a tiny speck of persistent pride made him continue. Danny didn't know why he was giving in to this strange impulse to explore, but it was a distraction and a change. It wasn't as if there was a handsome, loving boyfriend at his apartment just waiting for Danny to return home and it depressed him to remember.

He examined the items with less enthusiasm, seeing only ugly or overpriced junk. It could have been fun to explore the shop if Danny had someone to share the experience. He sighed again and turned around, planning to leave when his eyes caught a glint of light on metal. There were several dreamcatchers and wind chimes hanging in a corner of the shop, but it wasn't their familiar shapes that held his attention, it was the single metal lantern among them. The lantern was stunning with the centre highlighted by six distinct glass squares in orange, pink and green. There were ornate carvings on the glass in the shapes of flowers and geometric patterns while elegant gaps in the metal allowed light and heat to escape. Attached to one of the pink sides was a delicate latch to open and place candles within. The lantern would bathe any room in glorious colour.

Danny reached for the lantern, unhooking it and fingering the patterns on the glass, debating what to do. Thirty-eight dollars was steep, but the lantern was beautiful and seemed lifeless without a candle inside. It looked as lifeless as Danny's world had been for too many years. It had been so long since he genuinely wanted something--it was impossible to resist.

Danny knew it could be nothing more than an impulse purchase he'd never use; just one more string in a long line of regrets, but Danny found himself unable and unwilling to talk himself out of it.

A lantern, Danny supposed, was still better in the long run than sorrowful shots at the local bar. He knew by now that no handsome Prince Charming would show up to flirt with him.


Danny arrived at his apartment twenty minutes later. He placed the lantern on top of the cabinet containing his DVDs. Danny was keen to see what it looked like with a candle inside, but his stomach reminded him it had been hours since he last ate.

Danny's apartment was small with limited space. The front door opened into the sparsely furnished living room. His bedroom had a dividing wall, and the bathroom was only accessible from it. His tiny kitchen occupied a corner of the apartment and only possessed the bare essentials.

Danny pulled a frozen lasagne from the freezer and placed it in the microwave. While it was heating, he rummaged in a drawer for a candle that would fit the lantern. Danny had bought the candles hoping to share a romantic meal with his ex-boyfriend, but Malcolm had never wanted romance from Danny.

When he popped open the lantern's latch, Danny was pleased to find it was clean. He placed the candle inside and lit it, shutting the door. The flame flickered then brightened, the colours leapt from the lantern, just as Danny had hoped. But the flame brightened further. It worried Danny that the glass might crack, but before he could blow it out, smoke poured out of the metal gaps in the lantern.

The smoke moved unnaturally, sinking towards the ground instead of rising to the roof. When it flowed towards him, Danny scrambled out of the way. He didn't know what to do--douse the lantern in water or throw the whole thing out the window?--but before he could decide the impossible happened. The smoke formed a large, oblong cloud that reached towards the ceiling before dispersing to the sides and evaporating. It left a person in its place: a stunning man right out of Danny's fantasies. He was wearing nothing but black linen pants that did nothing to hide the power of his thighs or the v of his hips. He had dark, tanned skin with rippling muscles. Danny wanted to touch them. The man had the deepest honey-brown eyes Danny ever saw and a smile that weakened Danny's knees.

"Good evening, Master," he greeted, his voice rich and accented. He placed one hand behind his back, the other splayed over his defined chest as he gave a low bow. It revealed the curve of the man's ass and the ridges of his spine. The man stood back up and Danny dragged his gaze to the man's face. "I am Hadir the Jinn," he continued, "and for three wishes, I am yours to command."

Danny stared, his mouth hanging open as this person--Jinn? Was that a genie?--looked around his apartment with curiosity. Danny must have inhaled smoke and be hallucinating. A gorgeous half-naked man offering to make his wishes come true certainly sounded like something out of Danny's fantasies.

Hadir's gaze came back to Danny. He eyed him with intensity. Danny might have more clothing, but he suddenly felt naked. He tried to speak, but all he stuttered out was an uncertain, questioning 'um?' The genie smiled. It was a breathtaking expression. He had perfect, white teeth and it made his solemn, strong features brighten with warmth and charm. "Yes, Master?"

Danny's mouth was dry and the blood in his body was taking a determined path south. The man could have walked off a photo shoot and Danny's fingers itched to see him without his pants. The dark hair under his bellybutton was teasing Danny with ideas. The room felt hot and Danny wanted to tug at his high-buttoned collar to cool himself down. He'd spent far too long single and alone in his apartment. Danny had been sexually parched and Hadir was the large glass of water he wanted to swallow.

The beeping microwave forced Danny's thoughts away from the tanned skin he wanted to explore. Hadir's smile had turned to a smirk and Danny's cheeks heated in a flush at being caught staring. He always felt embarrassed when someone out of his league noticed Danny checking them out. Danny was plain and normal: brown hair, brown eyes, neither thin nor fat. He wasn't a prize, and while the genie might not be real, Danny's physical attraction to Hadir was. He needed to take a breath and calm his body down.

Turning his back on the man, Danny went into his kitchen to deal with the microwave. It was easier to handle his dinner than a man who'd appeared in his apartment in a puff of smoke. Danny hoped the genie would vanish by the time he returned to the living room. He opened his small, cracked kitchen window to let in the fresh evening air. It let in the traffic noise but should clear the apartment of the smoke's effects. Danny would still book an appointment to get his head examined, but if the half-naked genie disappeared, he'd feel a little saner.

Grabbing the edges of the plastic container from the microwave to avoid being burnt, Danny turned around and found the genie right in front of him. Danny startled, cursed and dropped his dinner onto the floor. Hadir's brow furrowed with concern. "Master? Are you well?"

Danny barked out a laugh at such a ludicrous question. "Am I well?" He demanded, only to laugh again, hearing the sound get a little hysterical at the edges. "You're not even real." He rubbed a hand over his face and closed his eyes. "I'm going insane. A gorgeous guy in my apartment offering me wishes. Maybe I got drunk at the bar after all."

"I am real," the genie told him, his concern deepening. "And you are not inebriated."

Danny scoffed and grabbed some paper towels to clean up the mess. He turned back to deal with the splattered food, but the genie flicked his fingers and the mess disappeared. The lasagne was on the counter and the lid removed. Danny looked between his clean floor and the food before placing the paper towels down on the counter and making his way out of his kitchen. He avoided touching or looking at the genie as he walked to his couch. He needed to sit down.

"You are not going to eat?" Hadir questioned, following behind him.

"No. I think I'll sit here."

Danny sunk into the cushions. He planned to ignore the genie, but against his better judgement, Danny looked back at him. Hadir was too beautiful to look away. His black and fell in soft waves around his shoulders. There was little hair on his chest and his nipples stood out as firm, dark buds. Danny wanted to mouth at them until they became raised, sensitive points. He also wanted to know if the fantasy would disappear if he touched Hadir. Danny felt hyper-aware of the genie. It could be months of celibacy talking, but Danny just wanted to be pinned down on a mattress by him.

"What are you thinking, Master?" Hadir asked, his voice puncturing the silence.

Danny jerked his gaze from the genie's muscled arms, embarrassment heating his neck. What was he thinking? Oh, only about letting his hallucination fuck him. Hadir looked like he knew it too. Danny glanced away and ended up staring at himself: the same black trousers and wrinkled white button-up he wore every bleak, horrible workday. Was it any wonder his brain was trying to get him lost in a sexual fantasy?

"Master?" The genie questioned again.

"Why are you in my apartment?" Danny asked, not looking at Hadir.

"You summoned me," Hadir explained. "You welcomed me into your home and burnt an offering for me. You were deserving of a gift, so I am here to grant you three wishes."

Danny didn't realise the genie had moved until Danny felt the couch cushions shift. Hadir was sitting closer than he needed to; their legs touched, and Danny swallowed. He smelt something spicy and pleasant which reminded him of chai tea.

"I would ask you, Master: what do you wish for?" Hadir's voice was a low rumble, making their conversation intimate.

Danny didn't have an answer, not when all he could think about was his proximity to Hadir. Danny didn't have one-night stands. He didn't throw caution to the wind and sleep with any available man who made a pass at him. Danny preferred getting to know someone before having sex with them. He liked relationships and commitment. It didn't mean he wasn't human or immune to his baser instincts. Heat was coursing through him and making him feel reckless.

"I don't know," Danny answered, desire making his voice rough. "But you're really hot."

Hadir's eyes crinkled when he smiled. He didn't even look surprised. "You are attractive as well."

Danny knew Hadir was an illusion, but those words only emphasised it. Someone like Hadir would never like Danny unless it was a dream.


"It's Danny," he interrupted, his breathing picking up; if he was about to have a self-indulgent hallucination, he wanted to hear his own name.

"Danny." Hadir sounded thoughtful. He tapped his fingers against his thigh, drawing Danny's attention to the silken black fabric. Did the man have underwear underneath them? "Daniel," Hadir corrected, making Danny look up. He smiled. "Yes, this is better; Master Daniel."

He liked the way Hadir's accent curled around the word. It made things feel wild and exotic. Danny licked his lips. "That's good too."

The genie shifted closer. "Daniel." His name rolled off the genie's tongue and Danny shivered. They were close enough that Danny could feel the other man's breath. "You need time to consider your wishes?"

Danny dragged his teeth over his bottom lip. He saw Hadir's eyes zero in on the motion. "I do."

Hadir shifted. His arm went behind Danny on the couch while his thigh pressed against Danny's. Danny breathing picked up, his body was tingling with awareness and he didn't know where to look. Hadir's chest was inches from Danny's hand and his pants were even closer. His lips looked soft and inviting.

"I have spent many decades within my lantern," Hadir told him, his finger reaching out to stroke the back of Danny's hand. "And you are very beautiful, Daniel." When Danny didn't rebuff his touch, Hadir's hand travelled further up his arm and over his shirt. Danny wished their clothing wasn't still between them. "I do not believe I am misreading," Hadir continued, "I believe you would enjoy an evening with me."

There was no way to misinterpret that. His illusionary, magical man was asking to have sex with him. Danny almost laughed. Danny had been having a lousy year–a lousy few years if he was being honest with himself. Fantasy sex was the best thing to happen to him in a while.

"I would," Danny said, and finally gave in, touching the firm muscles of Hadir's chest.

Hadir's eyes sparked with pleasure and his hand moved from Danny's arm to cup his jaw. His palm was smooth and warm against Danny's skin and when Hadir's mouth caught his, Danny groaned. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss and when Hadir's tongue flicked over his lips, Danny welcomed him inside. Hadir's tongue was magic as it curled around his. Danny's head spun over the intensity of the kiss.

When the genie pulled back, Danny tried to trail after him. Hadir chuckled and Danny opened his eyes, surprised to find his hands had moved to the other man's shoulders.

"You are lovely, Daniel," Hadir complimented him. The genie's hands drifted to the buttons of Danny's shirt to undo them. It brought the reality of the situation home, but Danny was past the point of protesting. He was getting laid by the hottest man he'd ever seen, who cared how and why it was happening?

Fisting his hands into the other man's hair, Danny dragged him in for another kiss. Hadir responded without letting his hands falter in getting Danny's shirt open. The moment he undid the last button, Hadir was exploring his chest with warm hands and curious fingers. Danny's stomach quivered and his desire built. Danny wanted those hands all over him.

When they broke apart for much-needed air, Hadir trailed his lips over Danny's jaw and to his neck. Danny tilted his head to the side while sliding his own hands down the genie's muscled back, encouraging him closer. Hadir started with light nibbles of his skin, followed by kissing and then sucking behind Danny's ear. An additional flick of his tongue at the same moment his fingers found and teased Danny's nipples had Danny turning to putty under the genie's touch. Danny moaned. Hadir's thumb circled his nipple, occasionally scraping it with his nail. It sent small jolts of arousal through him. His cock was hardening in his pants. Danny was desperate for Hadir to bring his hands down lower. The fog of arousal made him forget about his surroundings. Hadir sucked on the skin of his neck, making Danny muffle a groan and arch forward. Hadir licked the red skin of his neck before whispering, "Shall we retire to your chambers?"

It took a few seconds for Danny to remember they were on the couch. It wasn't the best place for what Danny wanted. He nodded and pushed the other man back. Danny climbed off the couch and grabbed the genie's arm, leading him into his darkened bedroom. The light from his living room left the room in shadow. Danny shrugged off his shirt and threw it towards a pile of dirty clothes in the corner. Hadir was taller and broader than him. Danny needed to step close and tilt up his head to kiss him. Danny always preferred being smaller than his partner. It was one more reason the fantasy was perfect. He liked to feel strong, protective arms drawing him into an embrace or pressing him into the bed. Danny liked being tucked into his boyfriend's side as they displayed their happy, loving relationship for the world to see. But, if Danny couldn't have the boyfriend of his dreams, at least he could have the lover of his fantasies.

Hadir's hands moved to his hips and Danny brought his own to explore Hadir. His biceps were hard and strong, yet smooth. Danny slid his hands over them before down his pecs. He skimmed Hadir's nipples before skimming down washboard abs and fingering the band of the man's pants. The kiss broke and Hadir's mouth moved back to his neck. Danny brought a hand to the genie's hair, tangling it in the dark locks and encouraging him. Hadir's hair smelt like cinnamon and Danny breathed in one of his favourite spices. Hadir didn't linger at his neck. He bent down, brushing his mouth over every freckle and mole over Danny's flushed chest, but ignored Danny's pert nipples that were begging for attention. Danny groaned and tried to tug the genie's attention to them. Hadir laughed and did as requested. He traced his tongue around the left bud before wrapped his lips around it. Danny's nipples were particularly sensitive and having Hadir's tongue flick and twirl over it was making him pant and groan. His arousal hardened further with every bit of attention. Danny enjoyed foreplay, but he craved more; he needed Hadir's cock inside him. Hadir was sucking his right nipple now, but Danny didn't know how long this fantasy would last; he didn't want to wake up hard and alone on his living room couch before he'd reached the best part. He tugged the genie away from his chest. Hadir eyed him curiously, but Danny opened his belt and kicked off his shoes and socks. He only managed to remove his belt before the sight of Hadir dropping his pants stole Danny's attention. Danny stared, his mouth open. Hadir was golden all over, but his thick, hard cock surrounded by trimmed dark hair stole all of Danny's attention. Someone needed to make a shrine to that cock. It was large and long. It would spread Danny so well and fill him completely. Danny wanted to guide it inside him, feeling the deep thrusts until the bed was rocking and he was climaxing. Danny's cock was throbbing inside his pants and his ass clenched in anticipation.

He shoved his trousers and boxers to the floor with hurried movements. They were both naked and when he pressed them together, the slide of their skin was delicious. Hadir's hands cupped Danny's hips while Danny wrapped his arms around Hadir's neck, curling his fingers back into the genie's hair. Hadir encouraged him backwards and Danny stepped towards the bed. The kiss only broke when they needed to climb onto the mattress.

Hadir's eyes were dark with desire as he studied Danny's naked form. His hands followed his gaze, gliding over Danny's chest with exploration his only goal. Danny's body was alight with sensation. Hadir's touch left a trail of burning heat and he tilted his head back to enjoy it. The genie started with Danny's collarbones then down over his pectorals, flicking his nipples along the way. Hadir caressed his ribcage, stroked thumbs above and then below Danny's bellybutton before finding his hard and curving cock. He gripped Danny in one warm hand. Danny gasped and dug his ankles into the sheets, rocking into Hadir's first stroke. "Where is your lubrication?"

Danny groaned, but for less pleasurable reasons. He wanted things to speed up and for Hadir to enter him and give him pleasure. But dream logic wasn't working today, and the practicalities persisted. He had to move away from Hadir and lose the other's hand on his cock, but Danny pulled open his bedside drawer and pulled out the lube. He hesitated over the condoms before grabbing one and giving everything to Hadir.

Danny rolled onto his stomach. The friction from the mattress made him grind into the bedding. His eyes went half-lidded, but Danny forced himself to stop moving. He pushed onto his hands and knees and spread his legs. He didn't need tender embraces; Danny just needed his magical man to exist long enough to give him what he wanted. Hadir took the hint and Danny felt the other man's hand rest on his lower back, stroking over his spine and tailbone. The sound of the lubricant opening made him shiver with anticipation. The aroma of cinnamon filled the room, adding an exotic flavour to the sex. Danny's cock was hard and hanging between his legs and his bowed head was almost brushing the pillow. He was absorbing the sounds and sensations. He felt exposed, but it didn't make him shy, it made him aroused. He could imagine the genie looking at him, his slightly parted cheeks, his pink skin and his curved weeping cock. Danny licked his lips, picturing the genie crouched and aroused behind him.

When Hadir's hands stroked the cheeks of his ass, Danny moaned. A lubricated finger rubbed at his entrance and he lowered himself to his elbows. He spread his legs even wider and brought his hand down to his cock, squeezing and teasing it. Hadir was keen to explore him, but it had been far too long, and Danny's body felt like a live wire pumped full of electricity. Danny was on the brink of overload.

Hadir slid in two long fingers; pumping in and out and teasing Danny's rim on each withdraw. Danny was clenching around them and trying to roll his hips back into the touch.

"Hadir," he whined.

Hadir brought down his free hand to Danny's cock. He pushed Danny's hand away and used the residual lubrication to give him slow, smooth strokes, rubbing against the glans. It narrowed Danny's world down to the circle of Hadir's palm and the fingers inside him.

Sweat covered Danny's body and his hair was sticking to his forehead. It was when Hadir's fingers pressed in deep and teased his prostate that Danny trembled. His chest pressed into the bedding as he gasped. The motion spread his body open, putting him at Hadir's mercy. Hadir chuckled and brushed a gentle kiss to Danny's lower back.

"You react beautifully, Daniel," Hadir praised him. He gave Danny one last, parting stroke to his cock and prostate before he was removing his hand and sliding his fingers out of Danny. The sound of the condom ripping set Danny's body on fire. He opened his eyes but all he could see was the bedding. His body was rushing with fresh excitement and need. He could already imagine the other man's hot, thick cock piercing him. He gave an involuntary moan and clenched his fingers in the bed sheets, wiggling his lower body, in a desperate bid for Hadir to hurry.

Hadir's hands gripped his hips to still him and Danny let out a shaky breath. Hadir spread Danny's cheeks further with his thumbs and Danny mewled with want. Danny's only focus was the head of Hadir's cock brushing his entrance.

"Hadir," Danny whined. His bottom lip swollen from biting and his skin slick with sweat.

He could have sobbed when Hadir started pressing into him. Danny choked on a moan. He could feel the stretch and it was splitting him open in the best way. The first slow press inside was perfect. He moaned and chanted Hadir's name, begging him for more and to do it faster. Danny had forgotten how amazing a good lover could be, but Hadir was creating fireworks behind his eyes. Danny was going to combust from pleasure, and it would be worth it.

When Hadir sheathed himself, Danny was panting and moaning. "G-Go. M-More."

Hadir wasted no time and Danny gasped at the slow withdraw but moaned over the sudden thrust back inside. Hadir had a tight grip on his hips as Danny lay there, enjoying each thrust. He couldn't think. He didn't exist for anything but the pleasure of Hadir's cock sliding out of him and thrusting back inside. The pace became faster with each thrust. They were rocking the bed and Danny was gripping the sheets as Hadir pounded him from behind. When Hadir struck his prostate, Danny gave a sharp 'ah, ah!!' his knuckles going white as Hadir's cock became his focus. He couldn't think about anything else. When Hadir hit his prostate again, Danny moaned, "Yes, yes, there. Hadir. God, yes. There. Ah! Ohhh!"

Hadir hit it every time and Danny's praises continued. Danny was a writhing mess of desperation and need. He couldn't keep his eyes open and his breath came in gasps and moans. His body needed release, his cock needed stimulation.

"Hadir," he pleaded, his voice wrecked and trembling. Hadir was panting above and behind him. Danny could feel the heat from him while the smell of sex and cinnamon permeated the air. Danny was so close. His cock was throbbing and aching between his thighs, the brush of the sheets was a pitiful tease and no substitute for what he needed. "Please. Please, Hadir."

He didn't take Danny in his hand like he had hoped. Hadir wrapped his arm around Danny's chest and coaxed him to shift position until Hadir's chest pressed to his back. Hadir's cock had almost slipped out of him during the change, but it was worth it for the way Hadir brought Danny back down onto his cock. It was a perfect thrust with no time to accommodate to the sudden pleasure. He felt more filled in this position and Danny choked on his breath, his eyes flying wide as he clung to the other man. Hadir grabbed one of Danny's hands and brought it to Danny's cock, getting him to stroke himself. Danny wasted no time and Hadir's hands went back to Danny's hips. He started them on a new rhythm of hard, deep thrusts that made Danny feel like he was on fire. The strikes to his prostate were bringing him to the edge. Danny's hand was a blur as he raced towards his orgasm and he wasn't the only one. Hadir's thrusts were losing their rhythm and his breathing was heavier. They were both frantic with need. Danny was chanting the other man's name and Hadir was grunting Danny's. Danny could feel his climax coming. It took Hadir slamming himself back inside and nailing Danny's prostate for Danny's orgasm to snap through him like a whip. His back bowed and a shout of pleasure ripped from his throat. His release carried him away on a cloud of bliss.

Danny felt Hadir thrust into him only a few times before he stiffened. He moaned beside Danny's ear as he reached his own orgasm. Danny slumped back against the other man, his eyes closed and his body relaxed.

It took protesting muscles and Hadir's gentle touches to coax him to climb off the other man and collapse down onto the mattress. Danny lay there, not moving and with his eyes closed. He was catching his breath when fingers stroked his back. The touch was nice, and Danny shifted to look over at Hadir. The genie looked lovely, silhouetted by the light from Danny's living room. Danny admired his perfect fantasy. It was the most satisfying dream he'd ever had, and it stunned Danny that he'd made it to the end without waking up.

"How do you feel, Daniel?" the genie enquired.

Daniel chuckled and smiled. He was enjoying the afterglow too much to worry about his sanity. "Great."

"I am glad," Hadir answered. His hand continuing to stroke Danny's skin in a soothing manner that was making Danny's eyes droop. "Daniel?" Danny hummed. "Master?" Danny opened his eyes. Hadir was still smiling at him. "Do you wish to sleep, or do you wish to make your first wish?"

"My wish?" Danny asked, confused and tired.

"Yes," Hadir agreed. "Or shall we wait until morning?"

Danny felt his exhaustion grow heavier as he remembered what tomorrow would bring. The fantasy would end, and Danny would be alone. He would return to a routine of work and loneliness. Danny didn't want to lose this. He wanted to hold on to the moment and forget about the future for a little longer. Rolling onto his side, Danny shifted closer to Hadir, enjoying the way the genie wrapped an arm around his waist. Danny hadn't planned to answer Hadir's question, but tomorrow morning and all it would bring had Danny whispering, "I have a wish."

"Yes, Daniel?"

He smiled. "I wish my job was better." He closed his eyes. "I want my colleagues to treat me like I exist. I want Julia to stop getting away with things just because she's friends with the boss. I don't want to hate going to work every day."

Silence met his words and Danny tried not to cringe at saying it aloud. But, Hadir didn't criticise, he took Danny's jaw in his hand and raised his head. Danny watched as the dark brown of Hadir's eyes swirled a golden topaz. It mesmerised Danny. Hadir stroked a thumb over his jaw and whispered, "As you wish."

It was ridiculous and Danny knew it would never come true. He still smiled at the genie. It was all a product of his wistful imagination, but it was still a nice fantasy to experience. Danny shifted closer and wrapped himself around the genie, his head pillowed on Hadir's chest. Danny fell asleep wrapped in the arms of a handsome man who wanted to grant his wishes. There were worse ways to spend an evening.