The Shadow Diaries

an excerpt

Diary One

Hi Everyone! My name is Shadow. I'm almost 2 years old. They say I'm 48 pounds but some of that is holiday weight. My previous family couldn't keep me because of a bad man, a landlord was the word I heard.

Then, on December 20th I found myself living in a place where other dogs lived. Cats too, but...yuck. Anyway, I spent Christmas there, where nice people took care of me and gave me treats.

Then, yesterday, these two guys came to see me. They liked me enough to ask to play with me. We had fun. Then we went inside and had quiet time, and I decided I liked them. They both seemed to laugh when I licked their faces. Laughing is fun.

Long story short, I have a new home and from what Daddy Joe says, a really big family. Daddy Steve just said, "you have no idea". But you know, I'm warm and fed and happy and they had this toy for me to play with. They call him Bumble.

It's time for my first night here. I sure am comfortable except for the slippery floor in the kitchen. I'll have to work on that. Nothing is ever perfect, except this situation which has brought together three souls in search of family. I like that idea.

I also like that I'm the cutest of them all.

Hope to meet so many of you soon! I've already FaceTimed with 2 of my aunts. I'm thinking of getting my own Instagram account. For now, sleep time awaits.

Love, Shadow