Milleniels Angel Dance

an excerpt

Chapter One

"This place is packed," Death Angel Five said as he and fellow angels Syden Embers and Michael entered Club Heaven in the Neutral Zone. Club Heaven was a place where the younger angels came to relax, socialize and dance with their friends. For some reason the archangel Michael had invited him and Syden to join him. Usually the older angels hung out at The Cloud to kick back with their friends and drink ambrosia. The older ones, or The Ancients as they were known didn't need food to survive on like the younger ones did. Ambrosia had enough nutrients to sustain them, plus it mellowed them out and helped them cope with the atrocities they witnessed every day.

"I wonder why," Syden said. The three of them headed up the stairs to the VIP section where they found a table. They could see the entire dance floor.

"It's usually like this on the weekends," Michael told him.

Syden looked over at him. "How do you know?" Syden Embers was a grim reaper by trade and Death's best friend and business partner. They worked together to reap the souls from those who were about to die. The archangel Michael and Syden weren't exactly best buddies. As youngsters, Syden had beaten Michael at a game of angel ball and Michael had carried a grudge ever since. Death was sort of the intermediary.

"Because someone needs to keep an eye on them, especially the cupids," Michael answered.

This was true. The Cherubim could be a handful especially close to Valentine's Day, but that had passed. Michael conjured up three mugs of ambrosia for them. "Thank you," both Death and Syden said to their elder.

Death looked downstairs. Almost every breed of angel was represented even the seraphim. He sipped his drink and got a warm feeling all over. The bubbles teased his nose. Ambrosia had a tropical taste like cherries, pineapple and coconut. Every now and then he treated himself to fruit even though he didn't need it.

"The band is great," Syden said as he tapped his feet to the music.

Like Death, Syden appreciated good music, not just the holy church stuff they were forced to listen to every now and then. They both liked R&B and Death was starting to enjoy some K-Pop too. The band played a variety of music. They were playing something fast at the moment.

"They have a lot of energy," Syden said as he watched the dance floor.

The young had adapted to the human style of dancing. They partied uninhibitedly as if they didn't have a care in the world. When Syden and Death were these guys' ages, they were already trained warriors and fighters in the Lord's army. Things had certainly changed. This new bunch of angels--or the Millennials as they were called--spent most of their time hanging out with their friends or lounging around clouds, dancing at a club or playing video games.

The music changed to a familiar song. It was the intro to BTS's "Blood, Sweat and Tears."

"Something is going on," Syden said.

Both Death and Michael looked toward the entrance. A spotlight landed on the door and a familiar looking male appeared. Six! He was dressed entirely in black with a red choker around his neck. His hair was shorter than the last time Death had seen him. The dancers opened a path for him and the newcomer climbed the stairs of the stage and stood behind the center mic.

"Can he sing?" Syden asked Death.

Death shrugged. He really didn't know that much about the younger death angel.

"All cupids can sing," Michael answered.

The spotlight moved back to the door and another male cupid entered. "Isn't that Jaelyn?" Death asked. Jaelyn was Syden's spouse.

"It looks like him," Syden said. "I left him home resting."

Michael narrowed his eyes. "He looks well-rested to me."

The guardian-angel-in-training did look adorable in his red blazer atop a black dress shirt and pants. He joined Six on stage at the mic on the right.

During all of this the crowd of dancers were just swaying from right to left while the band played the instrumental version of the haunting K-Pop song.

Once again, the spotlight landed on the door and another male cupid appeared that Death did not know, but apparently Michael did. This one had red hair and was around the same height as Jaelyn.

"Ooh, pretty," the blond archangel said.

"Who is that?" Syden asked.

"Santa's Angel," Michael answered.

That got Syden's attention. "Santa has an angel?"

Michael nodded. "His name is Gracien Camari."

"The healer?" Syden asked.


Death had heard of this one. He was the younger brother of Eros, who was very jealous when the infant was created. To protect him, Michael had left him with the bishops in Rome. He grew up to be a famous singer in the Vatican choir. Gracien took his place on stage in front of the mic on the left.

The band began the song over again and Gracien sang the intro. Jaelyn and Six joined him and the three of them danced sexily on stage while the angels in the audience performed the same dance as if it had been choreographed for them. For a moment it seemed like they were under some type of spell.

"What's going on?" Syden asked when all the dancers started hopping around and spinning to the rhythm.

"It is called the Angel Dance," Michael answered.

"Shit," Death said.

"What's the Angel Dance?" Syden asked.

Death raised an eyebrow. His partner was much younger than him and Michael.

"It usually means something is about to go down," Michael explained.

"The last time it was performed the world was destroyed by flood," Death said.

"Yikes," Syden exclaimed. "So how does this involve Six, Jaelyn and Gracien?"

Six was Death's spouse whom he hadn't seen in several months. Michael had bound them together as he had done Syden and Jaelyn. "I have no idea."

"They're the new Holy Trinity," Michael said.

"What?" Death asked. "That must be some kind of joke."

"It isn't a joke," Michael said.

"Isn't that your job?" Syden asked Michael.

"It was, now it's theirs."

Syden chuckled. "No offense, but Jaelyn is just a lad. What does he know about fighting demons?"

"He will be taught like we were," Michael said.

"Were you, Raphael and Gabriel fired?" Death asked. "Because I'm with Syden, Six is not a fighter."

"Oh no?" Michael asked. "How well do you know your husband?"

"Not very," Death answered. "But he's a cupid and we know their breed is mostly fun and games."

Michael hissed at him. "Ye of little faith. Do not underestimate them because they are beautiful to look at. I created most of them myself and if the Lord chose them he did it for a reason."

"What? Does he need someone to teach him how to use his cell phone?" Syden joked.

Death tried to keep a straight face.

Michael too. "No, these Millennials know more about what's going on in this world than we do now-a-days. I took my time and matched you with these guys so some of your expertise can rub off on them. What have you been doing with them?"

"Jaelyn has been training to be a guardian and when he's not busy with that he's busy keeping me happy," Syden answered.

"Yuck," Michael said. He looked at Death.

"I haven't seen Six in months," Death confessed. "He went off to reap souls around Halloween."

"Oh, that's right," Michael said. "He's part of the Chicago teams. Nearly two-hundred people died over some darn turf war. I heard he and Phillip did an excellent job." Phillip was Six's reaper partner.

"How long is he back for this time?" Death asked.

"He won't be going on any reaper calls for a while now that he's been chosen to replace me," Michael answered.

Syden looked over at him. "Who did you and Gabriel piss off?"

Michael glared at him. "No one. We'll still be the original Holy Trinity, but we'll be off performing other duties while these guys deal with today's problems."

"But Jaelyn has been doing so well with his guardian duties. It's a shame to let all of that training go to waste."

"We'll make sure all of his charges are assigned to new guardians. This is a bigger calling. The Lord must be very impressed with him and I'm sure you're proud of him."

"Very proud," Syden said.

Death looked down on the dance floor again. The Angel Dance had ended and the new Holy Trinity was now rocking the house with TLC's ‘Ain't Too Proud to Beg.' "Are you sure the Lord made a wise decision?" His husband and the other two guys were not only singing the sexy song but shaking their bodies to the beat.

"Quite sure," Michael said looking down on them. "Okay, I'd be the first to admit that these three are a bit young, and a bit unorthodox, but..." He paused.

"What's wrong?" Syden asked."

Michael stood up suddenly. "Come on they need us."

Death and Syden followed Michael out of the VIP section, down to the stage. They got there just in time to catch the singers as they blacked out. He caught Six, Syden caught Jaelyn and Michael had Gracien in his arms. They carried the three singers backstage while the band continued to play.

Six was the first to awaken. "D? What are you doing here? Where am I?"

Death looked down into his mate's gorgeous face. He wore green contacts over his normally brown eyes. "You're backstage at Club Heaven. You fainted on stage after performing."

"Huh?" Six said. "I performed a song?"

Death nodded. "Don't you remember?"

Six shook his head.

The other two cupids awakened and sat up.

"What happened, Syden?" Jaelyn asked.

"You fainted," Syden answered.

Gracien stretched. "Hey Michael. What are you doing at the North Pole?"

Death looked over at them. Gracien had a melodic voice. It made him think of fun things.

"We aren't in the North Pole, Gracien. You're in the Neutral Zone."

Gracien looked around. "What am I doing here?"

Michael reached out and touched one of Gracien's curls. "You just got through performing on stage."

"The bishops booked me to sing in heaven?"

"Not exactly," Michael said, continuing to play with the curl.

Gracien looked around. "Who are these angels?"

Death loved his Italian accent. He had red hair and bright blue eyes. He could possibly be the handsomest cupid ever created.

"Gracien Camari, I'd like you to meet Death Angel Five and his spouse Death Angel 666, and Reaper Syden Embers and his spouse Jaelyn. Gentlemen, this is Gracien Camari, better known as Santa's Angel."

Both Jaelyn and Six looked impressed.

"What are we doing here?" Six asked.

"The Lord has chosen the three of you to do a mission for him," Michael said.

"What sort of mission?" Jaelyn asked. He was seated very close to his husband and Syden was stroking his hair as if he were a puppy.

"You'll find out tomorrow morning at the council meeting." Michael turned to Six. "Nice moves. Your worried mate had no idea you could sing."

"Worried?" Six asked.

Michael nodded. "You've been away since Halloween."

"What's the date?"

"April thirtieth," Death answered.

Six appeared confused. "Have I really been away that long?"

Death nodded. "You got called to duty right as we were getting to know each other."

"But we were on our honeymoon," Six said as his memories seem to return.

"Lucky you," Jaelyn said. "I died around that time."

"Died?" Gracien asked. "Only humans die."

"Jaelyn's a Nephilim," Michael explained. "He had a mortal mother and a fallen angel father named Seti."

Both Gracien and Six looked impressed.

"You're the guardian pick, aren't you?" Gracien asked.

Jaelyn nodded.

"I've heard nothing but good things about you from Saint Nick."

"He's real?" Jaelyn asked.

Gracien chuckled. "Yes. Very much so. I'll have to introduce you to him one of these days."

"Gracien is dating one of Dasher's sons. His name is Lancelot," Michael said.

"You're dating a reindeer?" Six asked as if he didn't believe it.

Gracien nodded. "Yes. He's a shifter. He works as my bodyguard when I'm touring."

"You're a singer?"

Gracien nodded again. "I work for the Vatican."

"We have arranged for a place for you to stay while you're here," Michael said. "It's in heaven close to the archangel's council building."

"How convenient," Syden said, sardonically.

Michael ignored him. "You guys must be tired. I'll show Gracien to his place and we'll all meet at the council chambers tomorrow at ten." He and Gracien disappeared.

"Is it my imagination or is Michael sweet on Gracien?" Syden asked Death as the four of them headed out of the nightclub.

"Nope. I felt it too." They ended up outside.

"We'll see you tomorrow," Syden said. He and Jaelyn left.

Death and Six headed home. "I'm surprised you're still speaking to me."

"It's not your fault you were called to duty. We'll just have to start at the beginning again." He reached for Six's hand.

"I'd like that," Six said, putting his small hand into Death's large one. "Did I really sing?"

"Yeah," Death said smiling. "You guys were great.