California Creamin'
And other stories
by William Maltese

A Review

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Rating: 4 Nymphs

California Creamin' is an eclectic collection of short stories from the very talented pen of writer William Maltese. This anthology includes stories about cowboys, men in the military, surfer dudes, hustlers and every variety of man love you can possibly imagine. The sex is hot, as expected, and by the time you finish the book you're sweating and have to find a way to reduce your body temperature.


All of the stories in California Creamin' are extremely well written and are intended to titillate and stimulate your imagination in addition to your other erotic senses. The characters are well drawn and, as expected, feature very good looking men who hook up with the same. The stories run the gamut of men in different professions from cowboys to hustlers to hitchhikers who just want to have and give a good time. William Maltese has done a terrific job on these characters and stories and the reader becomes an unintentional voyeur. I wish I could give you a taste of the other stories in this book but there is only so much time and space. What I can tell you is that you won't regret buying this book if you're looking for a really hot read featuring men doing indescribable things to each other.

Reviewed By Ruby Minx

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