Ride The Man Down
by William Maltese

A Review

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After all this overflowing sex, the first part ends and the real story begins... I believe this is quite an original way to deal a story. Usually the cards are lied down, the connections build and then, when the reader is ready and willing, the sex begins. Some stories have few some oher have more, but more or less, who is reading was carefully prepared to it. Here instead the impact is suddenly and immediate: almost without notice, the reader is faced with a variety of partners and positions... he has no idea of what the story will be, he has almost no time to go down from an apex than soon after he is riding again the rollercoast for another one. This is William Maltese, he is overflowing, suddenly, unexpected; he has no embankments or reins, and all his sex scenes are brought on with words that flourish one after the other, stretching the sentence till almost its maximum limit. If you try to read it aloud, you will probably loose your breath in the attempt.

Reviewed by: Elisa

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