By William Maltese

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Rating: 4 Nymphs

Richard Westover, the TV host of Animal Kingdoms in the Wild, has an interview with Christopher Van Hoon at his home in South Africa. Richard is determined to show the Van Hoon family as greedy capitalists with no concern for the land and the animals they have exploited for generations. Richard's agenda is revenge for the betrayal Christopher's father inflicted upon Richard's father sixteen years ago. Van Hoon had commissioned Richard's father Jack to do a study of feasibility for the Lackland Animal Preserve. When gold was found, the project was dumped and Jack was left heartbroken. Jack was not the only one affected by the failed project; Richard and Christopher had discovered love for each other, but was torn apart before that love could grow.


Tusks centers around the opposing views of the world we live in and the emotional conflicts interfering with love. Richard's bitterness is an excuse to return to Africa and Christopher; he is desperate to recapture the love he has carried in his memories for sixteen years. Christopher loves Richard now just as he had years ago; he is determined not to lose Richard again, so he finds a compromise they can both live with and be happy. William Maltese has created a fascinating story with real issues and well developed characters that actually come to life. The story is thought provoking and heart wrenching at the same time. Tusks is an impressive read that will stay with you and is worth a return visit.

Reviewed by Chocolate Minx

A Review

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Rating: 4 Stars

Richard Westover wonders if his fantasy lover, Christopher Van Hoon, standing beneath a South African blue-gum tree, the sun in his gleaming hair and golden eyes, has finally returned to Richard's life. Having first experienced Christopher's laugh, touch, and kiss in innocence, Richard is now twenty-nine, not thirteen, and far from innocent. Christopher has changed too ~ possibly having become as unscrupulous a profiteer as the Van Hoon patriarch. Back in South Africa, as a journalist, Richard secretly longs to have it proved wrong that Christopher's mining empire detrimentally threatens the already dwindling native wildlife; more so, though, he longs to rediscover his lost and one true love.


This is a serious and complicated story of men whose ideals and philosophies are seemingly at odds, and perhaps presenting them with insurmountable barriers to them ever finding the happiness they both crave in each other’s arms. William Maltese is to be congratulated in penning a highly descriptive story that involves the reader from start to finish. And if I felt like kicking Richard in the pants for taking so long to succumb to Christopher's considerable charm ... well, I guess it made it all the more pleasurable for him, in the end. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jim

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