-- Continued from front page Update --

    There has been a critical decline in the number of nurses over the last decade that has been ignored until this world-wide event occurred. There are not enough nurses to care for the massive patient load this contagion has created and is continuing to create. In RL, I am a RN and I’m living that life right now, with no end in sight, despite this being a year into the pandemic. My dedication to the entire M/M erotic romance community and stories is over twenty years long at this point, but my dedication to my profession as a healthcare giver is over four and a half decades long. And that need to provide care for the affected populace inhabiting my world has to take precedence over everything else at this place in time. Because of that need, MLR Press is gearing down. Readers have greater worries, authors’ creative, romantic muses have dried up, and sales are none existent. The press can not support itself anymore, and as such, I have repeatedly offered all contract rights to be returned to any author who wants them before I get to their name on the rights return list and all their titles pulled from all the distribution avenues. I have ever little time away from the hospital and a few of my own health care issues as an aging, very tired nurse.

    MLR Press will not be closing, it will become merely a house for my own work, which I will continue to add to. I am currently scratching out a new novel during stolen minutes here and there. (I desperately need a happy ending SOME-frecking-WHERE right now.) Maybe, someday, we will reemerge.

    As an added note, Kris Jacen, who has been my left AND my right hand, is no longer with the press in any formal capacity, though she has agreed to continue as my personal editor with any new work I finish. Please do not contact her with Press questions. She is dealing with her own private challenges currently. Please respect her privacy. As always, send any requests for return of right to the press email, at mlrpress at gmail dot com. It may take a week or two for me to respond but it is your best avenue of communication to me.

    To all our loyal readers, thank you for your support and I hope you follow any author who MLR has helped create a career and a following for in our passion for M/M erotic romance.