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Horses with Wings & Love of All Things
A.J. Gillett

The last thing Tucker Bay needed the day after he celebrated his twentieth birthday was the improbable popping up of a long-forgotten marriage contract. As if the eerie reappearance of this connubial covenant was not enough, he now has to deal with an unwanted band around his ring finger and an extreme case of the queasies which apparently will only be vanquished by being in the presence of his fellow winged horse shifter Laird Roan.

Laird's less than felicitous welcoming of Tucker to his Vancouver home is met head on by Tucker who refuses accept Laird's crappy attitude, even if he has had an enormous crush on the guy for far longer than he would care to admit. However, as they spend time together and work through their differences, Tucker begins to feel that maybe there is more to this marriage contract business than he'd originally reckoned.