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'Tis said of love that it sometimes goes, sometimes flies; runs with one, walks gravely with another; turns a third into ice, and sets a fourth in a flame: it wounds one, another it kills: like lightning it begins and ends in the same moment: it makes that fort yield at night which it besieged but in the morning; for there is no force able to resist it.
--Miguel de Cervantes

AuthorVivien Dean
ISBN#MLR-1-02017-0693 (ebook) $5.99
Release DateFebruary 2017
Length: (*)39,000 words
Heat Rating:Moderate
Available At:MlrBooks (ebook) (ebook)

When confronted with an enemy claiming knowledge of a conspiracy between their leaders, Warden Arie Vedebel must join forces to try and stop them.

A hundred years ago, the warring Kimon used a geo-spatial anomaly to invade the peaceful Therlerians on the other side of their planet, only to be driven off by their advanced technology.

Now, a single man guards the point of entry--Warden Arie Vedebel, the best of his kind. When a storm sets the creek on fire, he discovers a man in its midst. General Dennick Ginn, highly decorated Kimon officer, claims he's come to destroy the anomaly, but as far as Arie knows, that's impossible. Then again, he's always been told that traveling through the anomaly is no longer viable.

Arie and Dennick form a wary alliance. While Arie strives to find the truth, he can't dispute Dennick is not what he expects a Kimon to be. The two men have more in common than military training. They just might have a future, too.

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