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Crimes & Cocktails Mystery Series

Mexican Heat
#1 Crimes & Cocktails Mystery Series
Laura Baumbach
Josh Lanyon

Tough, street-smart SFPD Detective Gabriel Sandalini is willing to do whatever it takes to bring down West Coast crime boss Ricco Botelli -- including a dangerous, deep undercover gig as one of Botelli's hired guns. But Gabriel's best laid plans may come crashing down around him when he falls hard for the sexy, suave lieutenant of a rival Mexican drug lord. Turns out his new love interest may have a few secrets of his own: secrets that could destroy both men and the fragile bond between them.

This work has been previously published.

Winner of the Romance Writers Ink 2010 More Than Magic contest, under Erotic Romance .

Mexican Heat has won a coveted CataNetwork Reviewers' Choice Award for 2009. CataNetwork reviewers consider this book one of the best that they have read and reviewed for Sensual this year.

Mexican Heat has been nominated for the CAPA Award for 2009 in the Romantic Suspense catagory.

Golden Rose 210

Audio Running Time: 8 hours 42 minutes
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South of the Border
Crimes & Cocktails Mystery Series Short Story
Laura L. Baumbach

Blind ex-SFPD detective Gabriel Sandilin1 has a problem with his lover.

AUTHOR NOTE: This short story, first published in 2007, was the inspiration for the CRIMES & COCKTAILS Series. Portions of the story as you read here don't fit the eventual storyline that evolved when the series became a collaboration with mystery writer Josh Lanyon, but it's still a hot tale of wet fun.


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