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The Enchanted Series

Cupid's Wicked Arrow
The Enchanted Series #3
Shawn Bailey

Can Cupid and one of the archangels be on vacation together without killing each other?

Eros (Cupid) takes a much needed vacation. He puts his younger brother Gracien in charge this year of making people fall in love. Problem: Gracien isn't an ordinary cupid, he's Santa's angel, a mischievous fun-looking male who Eros tried to destroy when he was born. The archangel Michael has assured Eros that Gracien can handle the job. Eros isn't so sure, but he has enough trouble keeping his self out of danger when the archangel Gabriel shows up at the hotel in Rome where Eros has gone for a little R&R. The last angel Gabriel expected to see walking around the Louvre is that trouble-making Eros whom Gabriel has been in loves with for nearly two centuries. Eros accidently shot Gabriel in his behind with one of his powerful arrows and now it is Gabriel's chance to make him pay with his heart for what he did.

Milleniels Angel Dance
The Enchanted Series #4
Shawn Bailey

Three of the least likely angels ever created are called upon by the Lord to serve as the new Holy Trinity when he realizes that the world has changed so much that the original three, archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael can't do it all by themselves. Death Angel 666, has seen far too much in his scant lifetime that he doesn't want to be an angel anymore. The matter is driven home when he witnesses a young child get accidently shot and he can do nothing to save him. Six's sorrow is felt by every young angel created in the last thirty years. These angels are known as the Millennials, and when Six unintentionally invokes the Angel Dance, they all come to help him out. Does this mean the End of Days are near? Or will Six, and his new partners, Jaelyn and Gracien be enough to stop it?

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