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The Eurpoean Flings Quartet

Passion in Paris
The Eurpoean Flings Quartet #1
Adam Carpenter


Matthew Donovan is a self-admitted hopeless romantic who wants nothing more than to meet the man of his dreams and settle down. If you can't find such a thing in the most romantic city in the world, where can you? So Matt sets off for Paris, immediately finding himself the object of someone's attraction. But can an airplane encounter be the first step in seeking romance, or just a toss-away fling?

Upon his arrival, Matt renews his friendship with Simone, an ex-pat interior designer who may just know the the sexy man he wants. But it is a young, alluring artist named Anton, peddling his Parisian scenes to tourists along the Seine, that most attracts Matt. When a serendipitous situation tosses the men together, they realize fate is working overtime to unite them. But love is never easy...

Filled with all the grand passion of Paris, Matt's journey will guide him down the tricky boulevards of love and desire, of pain and betrayal, leading him to a final, ultimate confrontation with his own heart. Only with the help of an unexpected friend can Matt again open up his heart, and no longer deny the desire that stirs inside him.

Romantic, sensual, and satisfying, PASSION IN PARIS will make you believe in true love.

Don't miss the adventures of his friends Freddie and Jake in RAPTURE IN ROME and LUST IN LONDON, coming soon.

Rapture in Rome
The Eurpoean Flings Quartet #2
Adam Carpenter


Freddie Markson likes to have fun. He loves men, and knowing he's headed to Rome, Italy for the summer means only one thing: fling after fling after fling. But from the moment he meets the wealthy Patsy Abbott, Freddie realizes his priorities are about to change. She challenges him to pick up a guy on the flight, and while that goes well enough, it's what happens after they land that will change fun-loving Freddie forever.

His name is Santo Mancusi, and he's among the most handsome men Freddie has ever seen. A chance encounter through Patsy has the two men hooking up. But Santo has a secret past, one he is reluctant to revisit. After a night of rapturous sex with Santo, Freddie realizes this may just be more than a fling. Could Cupid have pierced his cynical heart?

Drenched in the heated passion of Rome, Freddie's adventure will take him from the ancient Colosseum to the rolling hills of Santo's family's Tuscan villa, all in pursuit of a passionate love he cannot deny. With secrets exposed, hearts opened, Freddie and Santo realize that anything is possible.

Steamy, sexy, satisfying, RAPUTRE IN ROME will remind you that all roads lead to love.

Don't miss PASSION IN PARIS and LUST IN LONDON, as well as the prequel short story, PRELUDE TO A FLING, available in NOCTURNAL DELIGHTS.

Lust in London
The Eurpoean Flings Quartet #3
Adam Carpenter


Jake Westbury has tired of the bar scene, the one-night stands, and unfulfilling relationships. Usually so controlled in his life, he makes the impulsive decision to spend the summer in London on a quest to shake things up, and hopefully fall in love. Upon his arrival, he quickly meets the bookish Nevil and the devilish Hunter. A fateful party where both are in attendance turns Jake's world upside down.

When a meeting in the park with the sexy, alluring Hunter Abbott goes awry, Jake finds himself in possession of a small fortune in cash. With only one clue to go on, and a thug giving chase, he has to figure out just what's going on. Will his powerful desire for Hunter make Jake throw caution to the wind? What game is being played, and is Jake one of the players, or just a pawn?

Seductive, secretive, satisfying, LUST IN LONDON will remind you of the costly price of love, and ultimately that what you seek may be much closer to home than you could imagine.

Don't miss PASSION IN PARIS and RAPTURE IN ROME, as well as the prequel short story, PRELUDE TO A FLING, available in NOCTURNAL DELIGHTS.

Nuptials in Nice
The Eurpoean Flings Quartet #4
Adam Carpenter

Once upon a time, three best friends journeyed to three separate foreign capitals in search of love. Now, the friends are getting ready to reunite for a wedding filled with surprises, sex, and seduction.

Matt Donovan and Anton Marcel have made the ultimate commitment: wishing to share their lives forever. Freddie Markson and Santo Mancusi have been growing apart ever since Santo's movie career has taken off. Jake Westbury remains in search of love, going from one meaningless relationship to another. But a joyous event will at last reunite the three friends, but not before a series of events threaten to undo their hard-fought happiness. With the aid of the Abbott siblings, all of whom have impacted the friends' lives, the drama reaches its crescendo at a fabulous villa in the South of France.

From Paris to Los Angeles, New York to Tuscany, London to Nice, brimming with hot hunks and even hotter sex, the adventures of Matt, Freddie, and Jake continue in this fourth volume of the European Flings series. Will the wedding go off without a hitch, or will one last shocking truth jeopardize the future?

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