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Lines of Marsden

Rules Are Meant to be Broken
Lines of Marsden #1
N.J. Nielsen

The Lines of Marsden were born into existence for a reason: to right the wrongs that had once taken place. Destiny fated that they must destroy the Eldren before evil wins.

Michael Marsden wants to die -- for real this time. He wasn't meant to lead the half-life that he does. He chooses to let it go and let death take what it had already claimed.

But Christian Risely isn't about to let that happen. He is drawn to Michael and is willing to do anything to ensure that he lives, even if that means keeping him alive against his will.

Living In Shadows
Lines of Marsden #2
N.J. Nielsen

"By dying I will not fail, within my linage three will come together, and you will know them by the colour of their eyes."

Michael Marsden learns he's not alone. There are other Marsdens out there...with an agenda that's all their own. Faced with his past for the first time, Christian Risely-Kincaid learns there's more to him than meets the eye.

Benj Marsden's grateful Christian was rescued from Elsewhere, but he's not going to allow Michael to keep what's his---Christian belongs to him.

You Make Me Die in Pieces
Lines of Marsden #3
N.J. Nielsen

What would you do if the past changed everything you ever thought you were?

Everything Michael Marsden has ever believed about himself is about to come crashing down around his ears. The life he never wanted is never going to let him go. How can he deal with the future when the past changes everything?

When Doyle's memories come back, they discover the past isn't always about what you remember. Sometimes, some people live the same life over. What happens when he realises the cycle has to end?

With help from their family and friends, Michael and Doyle are faced with an uncertain future in the fight to regain a sense of self. With each new revelation of what was, Venetia and her followers are knocking on the door and threatening war. She's crazier than ever and hell-bent on revenge.

Will what happened in their past be enough to save their future?

The Trail of Roses
Lines of Marsden #4
N.J. Nielsen

The line of Marsden are still working out who to trust in the war against Venetia Kincaid. People once trusted have turned against them, and enemies are quickly becoming their strongest allies.

Michael and Doyle have to decide which is more important, finding their missing children, or bringing down the bitch whose hell bent on destroying all their lives.

If that isn't bad enough the high shifter council decided to stick their nose into Marsden business and Michael isn't sure whose side of the war they're on especially when they learn one of their councillors is a handmaiden of Venetia.

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