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Shane and Corey Gay Teen Mysteries

A Shane and Corey Gay Teen Mystery #1
Mark Zubro

Two high school boys try to survive amid death and danger in the desert, while hoping for the possibility of first love.

Shane Semereau wants to be left alone to read his books and carve his wood sculptures in the warm desert. His life is a swarm of confusion and violence, but he wants to be a force in making the world a gentle place. He grasps at those dreams. Cory Garcia is a bundle of electric energy who lashes out at everyone and everything, but loves to let his mind go in the world of dance. Amidst great danger and looming violence they find each other and unite against all that is arrayed against them at every turn.

A Shane and Corey Gay Teen Mystery #2
Mark Zubro

Two gay teen boys in love. Both have familial woes including virulent homophobia from at least one parent in each family. Then their school is attacked and even though they can alibi each other, many of those around them think of them as the most likely suspects. They take an active role in finding out who really did attack the school. All this set against the back drop of their love.

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