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The Wonderland Scandal

Desperate Husbands
The Wonderland Scandal - Book 1
Adam Carpenter

Welcome to Wonderland, a quiet, picturesque village located on the Pacific Coast, just south of San Francisco.

Prodigal son Rich North and his partner, Marc Anderson, have just relocated to Wonderland after leaving behind their lives-and a secret scandal-back in New York City. They buy a house on exclusive Eldon Court, where five Victorian homes stand. Three other gay couples live in the other houses, while Number Two Eldon Court remains mysteriously empty. There they meet Edgar and Jack, the longest-tenured residents of Eldon Court; Aaron and Juan, a couple with their own relationship issues; and Sawyer and Dane, a young, gorgeous couple with too much money and time on their hands.

Something is afoot on Eldon Court. A peeping Tom, a possible murder attempt, a case of arson. The clues lead back to Bayside Hotel and the mysterious new owner, Danvers Converse. He is a man with perverse appetites and unstoppable ambition. He will resort to blackmail-or worse-to gain possession of Eldon Court. But why, and at what cost? The only thing the neighbors have is their solidarity. But with a spy in their midst, Eldon Court is being threatened from all sides, and Rich and Marc realize that, as they newcomers to the block, they must stop what's happening. Until newer neighbors move into Number Two-and all hell breaks loose on Eldon Court.

Passionate, sexy, steamy, Adam's Carpenter's Desperate Husbands delves into the lives of men and the men they love, into a community put at risk by progress, and of the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and love.

Desperate Lovers
The Wonderland Scandal #2
Adam Carpenter

Book Two of a soapy, sexy, intrigue-laden series set along the Northern California coast.

Welcome back for another sex-drenched episode in the continuing adventures of Wonderland. The drama on Eldon Court escalates as the "Desperate Husbands" fight for their lives and their loves, all while they indulge passions both desired and forbidden.

Rich North and his partner, Marc Anderson, thought moving to Wonderland would be the answer to the problems they ran from in New York. But this beautiful coastal town is not without its own secrets, as the ruthless businessman Danvers Converse threatens to destroy their lives-as well as those of the three other hot couples who lives in the grand Victorian homes that overlook the crashing waves of the Pacific.

But it is the vital, sexy, passionate Parker St. John who seems to represent the biggest threat to the men of Wonderland. With a claim to Eldon Court in his tight jeans, Parker will use his sexy, hot, and hairy body to get what-and who-he wants. As temptations abound and secrets are revealed, heated passions explode until a stunning betrayal occurs, and one man plots his deadly revenge.

Desperate Enemies
The Wonderland Scandal #3
Adam Carpenter

The battle for Eldon Court reaches its stunning conclusion!

When Rich North and Marc Anderson moved to the idyllic coastal town of Wonderland, they never envisioned they would soon be fighting for their futures. But when the twisted Danvers Converse threatened to take Eldon Court away from them-and their fellow "Desperate Husbands"-they realized they could only fight back by uncovering Wonderland's complex past.

After the devastating events at Marc's art gallery showing, new loyalties are revealed and new passions are explored, even as one of their own lies buried in his grave. But it is a shocking betrayal that ultimately sets the stage for the final showdown between good and evil, love and revenge. With the arrival of the stunning acting legend Rose Emerson, the men of Eldon Court finally begin to piece together a town's long-buried secrets.

Sexy, sensual, shocking, DESPERATE ENEMIES is the final chapter in a trilogy that holds nothing back.

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