Dark Passions
Single Author Collection
Author Laura Baumbach
ISBN# 978-1-944-770181 (print) $14.99
Release Date April 2016
Length: (*) 65,000 words
Heat Rating: Graphic
Categories: Paranormal
Available At: Amazon.com (print)

Dark Passions is a single author collection of some of my short stories pulled together from other out-of-print anthologies. There are no new stories in this collection, just time-worn, in some cases award-winning, shorts.

They feature one of my favorite characters to write about -- vampires. I love their power and allure. I like them dark and dangerous. I insist they are passionate and protective. I find it interesting to write powerful, immortal creatures who can be tempered by the strength of love. Love is totally unpredictable and amazingly powerful. It should never be underestimated.

Sin & Salvation A selfish act of greed or a self-less act of love eternal?

Enthralled A suicidal young man, Colin Dobson, seeks death, but finds an unconventional reason to live in the arms of a seductive, dark stranger. Rowland Campbell is an ancient and powerful vampire on the brink of death after a surprise attack by vampire hunters. Dark desires are awakened, as one strives to survive and the other begs for deliverance from the burden of life.

Breathing Colin Dobson has everything he ever imagined -- excitement, travel, and night after night of possessive passion with his new lover, Rowland Campbell. Safe in the arms of his vampire lover, for the first time in his life the sheltered young hemophiliac has nothing to fear. There's only one thing marring their perfect relationship. Colin is finding it increasingly difficult to sleep with a corpse -- until an unexpected trip to a mystical tattoo parlor and a run-in with an old nemesis puts things into perspective.

Walk Through Fire Caleb's vampire lover has been cursed by none other than the Duke of Hell. For over one hundred years he's tried to free Drew, and has failed to defeat the demon champions. With Drew starving and going insane, Caleb doesn't have much time left. What would you do for love? Sacrifice yourself, your immortal future, even your lover's life?

Winner Takes All Two vampires face off in a deadly bet that has the winner claiming everything the loser owns--including the loser's innocent, unaware human offspring.